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Community Engagement Session

Nhia Bee Vang

Our dad Nhia Bee Vang was a free-spirited, gentle-soul who loved traveling the world and learning about culture and experience so he can share with his children. He taught us that the value of family and friendship surpasses any money or gifts in the world. Some of the best memories of our dad were his overly protected nature of his children and raising us to be decent-respectable citizens of this world.

Tragedy struck our family 2 years ago when he had a stroke. From that time on, his health started to deteriorate and subsequently his kidneys started to fail. Throughout all this, he was a fighter and fought until his very last breathe. He passed away at home in the surrounding of his wife and children on July 23rd, 2017.

We have set up this page for those who would like donate in supporting our family during this hardship.

For those who would like to join us for his funeral, we will update you once we finalize the date, time and place.

Thank you!

Sam Mihara

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